That sound you just heard was Randall Cobb keeper and dynasty league owners drinking all of the…root beer.


It felt like we had long passed the point where this was a formality due to a number of factors, the leading two being Jennings’ inability to not break and bust things, and his age. Combine those with the Packers’ depth at wide receiver with Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones rounding out a dynamic set of targets for Aaron Rodgers, and the need to dedicate cap space of any significance to Jennings was minimal. That’s especially true when we remember that a year from now Rodgers will be preparing to Flacco the Packers, and break all of the banks.

And so it ends in Green Bay for Jennings…maybe. There’s still a possibility that if he takes his cannonball into the free agency pool and then finds the temperature rather lukewarm with teams unwilling to match his $11-12 million asking price, Jennings will come swimming/limping back to the land of cheese.

For now, though, let’s assume he’s leaving, and let’s hope his new team has a friendly fish on its helmet. When that happens, Cobb’s role may not change too drastically, as his usage is widespread and unique (mostly slot, but out wide at times, and he also even lines up in the backfield), but the main alteration will likely be the sheer volume of his snaps and looks. Ditto for Jones, who will be a permanent fixture on the outside throughout the entire 2013 season. And in a No. 1 role, a healthy Nelson should more closely resemble the Nelson we saw in 2011, especially if Jermichael Finley is jettisoned too (68 catches for 1,263 yards, and 15 touchdowns).

So this benefits fake footballing from many angles. Actually, every angle except for Jennings with his forthcoming decline.