Let’s begin this day with a question: why?

Yesterday New York Jets general manager John Idzik conversed with season-ticket holders during a conference call. They mostly talked about Darrelle Revis’ shredded knee, and the possibility that the team’s stud cornerback and one of the league’s best overall defenders could be traded. You know, pleasant matters.

But then inevitably the subject of one Timothy Tebow surfaced, for that is mandatory when the Jets are discussed in any public forum. Somehow he remains the most relevant irrelevant backup quarterback in league history, so well done there. I suppose on many levels what Idzik said next and how he addressed the Tebow situation should be expected. He dodged, bobbed, and weaved, but the fact that he left the door for a Tebow training camp appearance even slightly ajar gives us all great pain.

From Bart Hubboch of the New York Post (via The Jets Blog), here’s Idzik’s skillful counter punching to the Tebow queries:

As for Tebow, Idzik indicated the backup quarterback, whose presence created a season-long sideshow last year, could be afforded the chance to impress the Jets’ new offensive coaches into training camp.

Despite that comment, it remains extremely unlikely Tebow will even make it to mini camp this spring in a Jets uniform.

League sources say the Jets are hoping to trade Tebow — a virtually impossible scenario — and will release him before June if a deal doesn’t happen, but Idzik tried to play it straight yesterday.

“Tim, as you know, is currently on our roster,” Idzik said. “What we’re doing is we’re trying to increase competition at [quarterback], so we’re going to let the competition play out. We’re going to see who we’re able to bring on board and let it play out this off-season and into training camp. So I think that’ll be healthy for all concerned, including Tim.”

The quote there is an absolutely steaming piece of garbage. Or at least it should be, god willing.

As Hubboch notes, Tebow remaining a Jet much past the end of this month is still extremely unlikely, but Idzik even flirting with the notion of bringing him to training camp — even if he is indeed blowing air out of his rear region — speaks to the continued dysfunction of a front office that’s managed to quite thoroughly piss off its only good player (Revis) in just the first month or so of a new GM’s tenure.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport supported Idzik, with his argument for a Tebow appearance at the Jets’ camp in late July essentially amounting to “well, why not?”. Our boy Rapsheet cited the unique combination of stubbornness and incompetence that was Tony Sparano, writing that the now former offensive coordinator didn’t even make an attempt to be adventurous or creative while establishing Tebow’s presence this past season.

That was troubling because even with all the bumbling Sparano had done in the past which led to his eventual demise in Miami (field goals YEAHHHHH!), he was the wildcat pioneer while utilizing Ronnie Brown. Maybe — just maybe — there’s an opportunity for some ingenuity and open-mindedness under new hire Marty Mornhinweg.

Rapsheet speaks of optimistic internal rumblings:

The internal rumblings you’ll hear from time to time goes like this: They have Tebow. They’ve already given up the picks and spent the money. Why cut him? What’s the hurry?

Take him into minicamp and be open to taking him to training camp in July. See what you have. For real this time.

It’s true, Tebow came at a cost. An unfortunate, and substantial cost of fourth- and sixth-round picks. But there’s such a thing as deftly cutting your losses before they mount, and the Tebow trade and the resulting mismanagement of the player will continue to stand as a glaring mistake. So why compound it?

Rex Ryan isn’t playing Tebow no matter who’s beside him as the offensive coordinator. Despite that substantial trade investment, Tebow was promptly bypassed once Mark Sanchez’s struggles reached a head this past season, with Greg friggin McElroy inserted under center over him. And now early in the offseason before free agency has even officially opened the Jets have brought David Garrard in for a private workout, and they’ve been widely connected to pending free agent Brady Quinn.

If accumulating below replacement level competition for Sanchez is Idzik’s goal, either one of those names will be more than sufficient. The Tebow experiment has failed colossally, and now with the market set to open and the Jets sitting tight against the cap (about $8 million in room), every penny counts, and $1 million can be saved by axing everyone’s least favorite quarterback who isn’t a quarterback.

End the insanity, and save us all.

And now the links part of the links post…

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