We’re a little Jets heavy this morning. Bills gotta be paid, guys, and the Jets are putting my unborn children through college.

By now you’re abundantly aware of the ongoing Revis debacle in New York, which is different from the Tebow debacle, which is entirely separate from the Revis vs. Richard Sherman debacle. To review, Revis — who’s ahead of schedule but is still recovering from ACL surgery — wants and needs a new lucrative contract, with a middling $6 million left on his four-year band-aid deal signed two years ago. The Jets are spiraling down a rebuilding phase and likely heading towards a few years of sucking, and they’re unsure if sinking a substantial sum into a cornerback is the wisest course of action, especially one who just tore his ACL.

That’s why there’s been flirtation with a trade, with the most obvious partner being the 49ers due to their gluttony of picks in April’s draft following the Alex Smith trade (15). And it’s why the Jets are indeed dangling Revis in trade talks, according to Rich Cimini.

So hey Darrelle, what say you?

The Niners have drifted in and out of the offseason rumor burner, at one point being shot down as a potential destination for Revis. But as long San Francisco has those picks and Jets general manager John Idzik isn’t definitively denying trade speculation, Revis moving to the left coast will remain a strong possibility. In an interview with Seahawks fullback Michael Robinsion on this web series, Revis said playing for the NFC champs who nearly won the Super Bowl would be sort of alright:

“They did it without me last year. So, for me, looking at their roster and their team, I would just be an addition to help them win that trophy. Would it be awesome? I mean, yeah.”

But prior to that, Revis discussed his feelings about the trade talk, and his distaste for it. He really doesn’t seem to enjoy this whole maybe, likely getting discarded thing.

“It definitely hit home especially being one of the best players out there and come to find out you’re getting shopped. It really hits home. But my main focus is it really doesn’t matter where I be at, I know what I can do. I’m confident in what I do.”

Dashon Goldson is almost definitely set to be playing football elsewhere next year, a future he’ll likely learn next Tuesday. That means a Niners secondary that was burned badly several times during the Super Bowl — most notably by Jacoby Jones (hi, Chris Culliver) — will become weaker overall, and a quick solution to that problem would be to significantly strengthen the corners by inserting Revis alongside Carlos Rogers.