Von Miller said I can post this anywhere. So I’ll start here, then maybe I’ll plaster it all over my kitchen table. No, you’re weird.


That’s Miller in the wee hours earlier this morning, proudly guaranteeing in early March — before the start of free agency, before the draft, before offseason workouts, and six months before the 2013 season begins — that his Broncos will be the next Super Bowl champions. Vegas agrees.

Miller is a man of faith, and as the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla explains, that’s what led to this very confident proclamation.

Miller has vowed to dedicate the 2013 season to his cousin, Jeremiah, a recent victim of a serious automobile accident. When Jeremiah emerged Monday from a coma, it was a blessed event for Miller. And it fired him up.

It’s noble, and much more inspiring and human than Rex Ryan’s offseason Super Bowl predictions in past years, which were mostly fueled by the patented Ryan lunacy. And it also helps that Miller didn’t blow a few hundred dollars of his paycheck on a full-page newspaper ad. Free guarantees are the best guarantees.