And so it was said, and now it’s written. Darrelle Revis will soon depart from Gotham, for he was always the hero the city deserves, but not the one it needs.

The messy Jets-Revis marriage will likely/almost definitely end in a week or so, according to a report by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Mehta writes that two-to-three teams will be “legitimate buyers” when the trading period officially opens on March 12, the date of the new league year. He also specifically cited the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons as two contenders who will be in pursuit.

The former isn’t remotely surprising, as the 49ers have been constantly connected to Revis due to the picks they’ve accumulated in April’s drafted (15 in total), most recently adding one more in the Alex Smith trade. The Falcons, however, are a new potential destination, and one that also makes a whole lot of sense.

After trimming the fat off their ballooning salary by cutting Michael Turner, Dunta Robinson, and John Abraham, the Falcons have $15.9 million in cap room to play with. That’s more than enough to add Revis and the $6 million he’s due next year, and it’ll fill a potential void after the likely departure of Brent Grimes, with the Falcons still possibly able to retain safety William Moore. Hey, I wonder if I can use more words that describe something maybe happening but maybe not? You’re awesome, free agency.

In the short term then, Revis would work financially for the Falcons. But the short term matters so very little with him, as that’s the reason he’s likely (another one!) leaving New York. Revis wants and needs a long-term deal, with his current contract set to expire a year from now. He’s widely rumored to be seeking something in the vicinity of $16 million annually, which is a salary dent the Falcons may not be able to afford with their focus on Matt Ryan’s contract extension. He’s set to Flacco Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff, and pursue $20 million-ish. Inflated quarterback contracts are still the worst.

So taking on Revis may mean stripping down even more elsewhere. And for the Falcons, that could be manageable.

The reason why the Jets aren’t able to make that sacrifice to extend Revis is because their problems are so widespread, and therefore having an albatross of a contract at any one position would quickly accelerate the speed of their sinking ship. The Falcons, though, just came within a few points of a Super Bowl appearance, meaning they’re building towards a championship, and not merely building to remain relevant.

UPDATE: Our boy Mort says the 49ers’ interest in Revis is, um, low.


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