Welcome, and please be seated. We’re about to begin the latest round of Darrelle Revis speculation that’s loosely sourced, possibly completely fabricated, but no doubt worthy of your attention for at least five minutes. Please make yourself comfortable in your familiar arranged seating for this daily exercise.

Wednesday morning we learned that arguably the league’s best cornerback who plays for one of the worst teams is as good as gone, and the 49ers and Falcons are the two leading teams expected to pursue his quite expensive services. The likely minimum price tag is a first-round pick this year, and another high pick next year.

That all came a day after Darrelle Revis told us that Darrelle Revis thinks playing in San Francisco would be “awesome,” yet he has little taste for how this whole trade exercise has developed. It’s made him sad.

So there’s a bit of confusion here, but the gist is that Revis would definitely welcome playing for a team fresh off coming a few points away from winning the Super Bowl. I would enjoy that too. But even with that message clear, it seems through this latest leak that Revis would also like to clarify another fact: he hasn’t asked for a trade, and he doesn’t intend. Ever.

Tells us more, Steve Serby of the New York Post:

Sources close to Darrelle Revis told The Post last night that Revis wants to stay a Jet.

Wants owner Woody Johnson — more than Arthur Blank of the Falcons, more than Jed York of the 49ers, more than anyone — to show him the money.

“He wants to remain a Jet,” the source said. “He has never asked to be traded.”

If we assume this is in fact Revis speaking through some kind of Deep Throat who in turn passed these words on to Zoe Barnes, then it’s quite the polite approach. Also, it’s exactly what he’s supposed to say, and exactly what we expect him to say.

But let’s believe both Serby’s source and Revis for a moment. Why, exactly, would Revis want to stay and continue to be part of a wholly dysfunctional roster, with an offense that continually crumbles? There’s an answer to that. Again, to our boy Stevie:

  • He loves playing for Ryan, and knows the last thing Ryan wants as a lame duck coach is to lose his best player.
  • He loves the New York/New Jersey area and still hopes against hope that Johnson regards him not unlike how owner Fred Wilpon regarded David Wright when he recently made him a Met For Life.
  • He loves the Jets fan base — with or without Fireman Ed.

Through this apparent leak, Revis and his handlers are managing public perception and planning for the increasingly minimal possibility that he remains a Jet. But the truth is that Revis would like to be paid a lot of money to play football, and sure, he would also like to be paid a lot of money to keep playing football in New York. Specifically, he’d like to be paid about $16 million annually.

He’s surely seeing and acknowledging the reality that the Jets don’t feel like sinking that kind of cash into one player right now, and especially not one who’s recovering from a torn ACL. And that cognitive process is leading to another thought that we’re not hearing, or at least not as bluntly.

Here’s fake Revis speaking that truth: “I’ll play anywhere as long as you pay me a whole lot of money.”

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