St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals

Late in February it was announced that St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson was going to void the final year of his contract (he was due to make $7 million) and become a free agent.

Apparently it wasn’t about the money with Jackson, he just didn’t want to take a reduced role in St. Louis.

“It would be more of a running back by committee kind of agreement [with the Rams] going forward,” Jackson said.  “I embrace the fact that I took in Daryl [Richardson] and Isaiah Pead and taught them a lot and hopefully they’ll go on to not only excel, but be very good athletes and good professionals in this league.  But for where I’m at going into year 10, I’m not ready to step back and just become a primary backup or reduced role guy, to be a part of a running back by committee.  I still have a lot left in my tank.  I still have a lot to offer a team.  We’re not talking about someone that is in year 12 or 13.  But I understand.  I understand the business side of it.  I still have a great relationship with the organization and one day I’ll be going back there.”

If Jackson would have taken a reduced role in St. Louis, it is almost a certainty that they’d want to restructure his contract to reflect his playing time, so it makes sense that he would try to get a starting spot on another team.

In 16 games last season, Jackson had 257 carries for 1,042 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Quote via ProFootballTalk