According to multiple reports, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin is looking for a contract extension that would put him in the same contract bracket as the best wide receiver in football.

Harvin, who becomes a free agent after the 2013 season, thinks he has a special set of skills, and believes he deserves a deal similar to Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

While the Vikings and Harvin’s agent, Joel Segal, have yet to exchange contract proposals, it’s believed that Harvin wants money closer to what Calvin Johnson got from Detroit in 2012 (eight years, $132 million) than to Jackson or Bowe. That’s an average of $16.5 million per year compared to a little more than $11 million for Jackson and Bowe. As one person put it about Harvin, he considers himself a “special” player and executives around the league have fed that attitude by telling people close to him how difficult it is to cover Harvin.

In 9 games last season, the 24-year-old Harvin had 62 receptions for 677 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also returned 16 kicks for 574 yards, including a 105 yard touchdown return.

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  1. hes a special player forsure. Hes injury & migrane prone, for those reasons, i wouldn’t pay him calvin johnson money. But he is worth dwayne bowe money, since hes significantly better than him.

    • He is not in the Bowe range either. Look at the numbers. Bowe is far and away the better reciever. I think he is in the Desean Jackson range. When Jackson gets his contract, Harvin should get one in the same range.

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