And you know what, why not? Look, I’ve dropped many a Terrell Owens jab around here, which is what happens when you play for something called the Allen Wranglers and make an appearance on our living room picture screens with the forefather of celebrity reassembly, Dr. Phil. And then later when I realized that Owens is, in fact, a man just like any man and he can feel pain, I in turn felt shame.

Owens hasn’t played meaningful football since 2010, although he refuses to officially end his NFL career and retire. For now, though, he’s found a new career, or at least a new hobby. He’s getting paid for being good looking.

There’s no one Terrell Owens loves looking at more than Terrell Owens, and now it seems he’s set to see if a wide audience shares the feeling after he signed a contract with Next Management, a well-established modelling agency that represents many people who aren’t difficult to look at. Owens’ publicist Diana Bianchini spoke to Larry Brown Sports and confirmed the contract:

“Terrell has had a modeling contract in the past,” Bianchini wrote in en email. “Most can see why this would be a natural fit for him. NEXT approached him. He signed about a month ago and we are all very excited by this deal.”

This is so legit that he already has his own profile, and a glance through it showcases his widespread skills.

Here’s his chillin’ laid back look…


And here’s a pained, perhaps sexually frustrated look…


And here’s Blue Steel…