Last week, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on an ESPN show that makes society dumber with each second its allowed to occupy airspace. He said something really fantastic to the blathering narrative spewer who hosts the debate-style program that goes out of its way to insult any notion of actual intelligent discourse.

You’ll notice that I’m not referencing any names associated with the incident in question, be it the ESPN personalities or the title of the show itself. That’s because we need to realize that if we don’t talk about [BLANK] then [BLANK] will go away, because creating chatter that’s rooted in his idiocy is exactly what [BLANK] wants.

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Sure, wearing this particular piece of attire may contradict our mission of not talking about [BLANK]. But we’ll make an exception by citing the awesomeness clause, and [BLANK] can go [BLANK] himself.


Thanks, KSK