If we’re mercifully going to see the end of the Jets thinking about thinking about trading Darrelle Revis and then perhaps eventually doing something meaningful, it needs to happen soon. No, it needs to happen now. As in sometime over the next 24 hours.

As I type this the opening of free agency is just over five hours away, and at 4 p.m. ET the likes of Brent Grimes, Sean Smith, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Chris Houston, and Keenan Lewis lead a strong free agent class at the cornerback position. None of those corners are named Darrelle Revis, and therefore none of them can be called one of the best corners in the NFL today.

But they’re all still rather talented, and they’ll come at a far cheaper price.

The team that eventually trades for Revis (yes eventually, because a move seems inevitable now) will give up multiple high picks — most likely with a first rounder involved — before they go about the business of giving Revis so much bank. His departure from New York is mostly fueled by his contract demands, and a rebuilding team’s lack of desire to dedicate a significant chunk of their salary cap (somewhere in the vicinity of $16 million annually) to one player, when far more pressing needs linger elsewhere.

So Team X — maybe San Francisco? — that employs Revis will have to give up both significant draft value and cap space, and in return they’ll receive an elite yet hurting cornerback who’s less than five months removed from surgery after a torn ACL. This is why the waiting game is a dangerous one for the Jets right now, with healthier and cheaper options available in a matter of hours.

Which brings us to this. You have the floor Manish Mehta:

The Daily News has learned that Gang Green is poised to trade the Pro Bowl cornerback in the coming days at the right price in its first significant step to re-build the franchise.

Sources have told the News for weeks that owner Woody Johnson has no intention of signing Revis to a long-term contract extension.

Although Revis’ health complicates matters – he’s less than five months removed from ACL surgery – the best window to deal him is during free agency, which starts Tuesday at 4 p.m., before the already-select market for Revis dries up.

“I think (the Jets are) going to move Revis,” a source familiar with the situation told the News on Tuesday. “Bet it. If he isn’t traded by tomorrow, (general manager John) Idzik is an idiot. One buyer might dry out. He has to move him. The risk of keeping him kills the franchise for five years and Idzik is gone.”

One overlooked problem: Idzik may have a subconscious desire to fit in with his surroundings, or worse, he’s let his environment creep into his daily thinking. This could be a colossal oversight, as idiocy has long been the way of the Jets.