Louis Vasquez heads to Denver


Peyton Manning has another protector, and Philip Rivers has lost one.

As the insanity of hour one continues, Louis Vasquez became the latest guard to find a new place of employment, minutes after Andy Levitre — the top guard in this year’s free agent class — agreed to terms with the Titans. Vasquez will now be among those tasked while ensuring that Manning’s neck remains in one piece, and he’ll do it for the next four years while getting paid $23.5 million, $13 million of which is guaranteed. That is, of course, unless he begins to suck and gets cut (NFL’ed).

He’s also now the 10th highest paid guard in the league, which is surely a sort of Manning service fee. During his 2012 comeback season Manning was sacked 21 times, meaning the Broncos owned the league’s second best offensive line. Evidently, they’d very much like to keep it that way.

Super Bowl or bust.