The Lions are replacing a departing young pass rusher with…a young pass rusher. The logic keeps rolling today in Detroit.

Cliff Avril — who accounted for 9.5 of the Lion’s 39 sacks last year — is set to leave for a still unknown destination and Kyle Vanden Bosch was cut, leaving the Lions desperately needing a pass rushing presence. And now they’ve found it in a rusher who’s maybe, likely on the rise by signing Jason Jones to a three-year contract.

The now former Seahawk is the same age as Avril (26), but he’s faced much less abuse after severing as a reserve in Seattle. Despite that limited status, Jones still recorded three sacks and 10 tackles this past season, and his versatility is especially appealing. He can slide inside and play defensive tackle on running downs, meaning he’s far from a liability when he’s not asked to solely stick his hand in the ground and chase the guy who takes the snap.

As usual, we’ll pass along the financial details when they become available. But it’s safe to assume that this will be another example of a well-known phenomenon: being young, fast, and playing defensive end leads to lucrative returns in a league where such athletic specimens are highly pursued commodities.