Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

In one of the least surprising developments of free agency so far, the Lions have reportedly signed Reggie Bush to a four-year deal, according to Lions writer Tim Twentyman.

This is only slightly less expected than the Dolphins’ signing Mike Wallace yesterday, only because for a time the Cardinals were in the Bush hunt, and then they backed out and went for the cheaper option in Rashard Mendenhall. The result is a backfield in Detroit that will resemble the backfield Bush left in Miami.

For the Lions, that means they’ve finally (hopefully?) found their Jahvid Best replacement by bringing in the most Best-like running back available. The ideal scenario now is Bush utilizing his speed both on the edges as a rusher and in the flats as a pass catcher to accumulate chunk yardage, and then Mikel Leshoure will readily showcase his only skill once Bush, Calvin Johnson, and Matthew Stafford get the offense into the red zone: goal-line body masher. Despite averaging only 57 yards per game in 2012 and a vomit worthy 3.7 per carry, Leshoure still scored nine times.

And for us, that could suck. Bush needs high volume carries to realize his full fantasy potential, as we saw in Weeks 2 and 16 this past season. Those were the only two games when he had 20 or more carries, and he totaled 276 yards and two touchdowns. Worse, Leshoure will vulture scores, but that concern is somewhat mitigated by Bush’s versatile scoring ability.

Despite Daniel Thomas often getting the goal-line touches in Miami, Bush still scored eight times in 2012, two coming through the air.