UPDATE (4:52 p.m. ET): It’s all over, and Wes Welker is officially a Bronco after signing a two-year contract worth $12 million, according to Adam Schefter. Man, it’s gonna suck to be a pitchfork in New England tonight.

Hey Danny Amendola, pick up that phone.

UPDATE (4:37 p.m. ET): Still waiting…




Despite all the reports indicating that Wes Welker leaving New England could be a real thing, I’m still choosing to be a stubborn, grumpy old dude and not believe this one until I see it.

Such a sighting could be arranged soon.

Ruh roh.

Hey Billy Belichick, it sure seems like Welkah is serious about this whole bolting thing. Part of this still stinks of Welker and his agent attempting to make the Patriots come crawling back after talks reportedly broke off earlier this morning, with Welker fed up following a low-ball offer. But even if that’s true, the Broncos are now pursuing him with more aggression, and the thought of playing with Peyton Manning on a team that’s still very much a Super Bowl contender may be too much to resist.

Manning frequently utilizes his slot receivers, and he always has. That’s been Brandon Stokley’s existence both throughout his years in Indianapolis, and last year in Denver. But now he’s ready to dissolve into the great wide receiver beyond as a free agent, meaning that conveniently the Broncos need an upgrade at slot receiver. Welker is pretty good at that.

So here’s what will take shape if this hammering results in something concrete, and the first shocking move of free agency that delivers a deft judo chop to Belichick’s jugular. Manning — the Manning who passed for 4,659 yards at an average of 8.0 per attempt after missing a full season — will be throwing to Welker, Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas, a year after the latter two combined for 2,498 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.