New York Jets v New England Patriots

According to reports, the Tennessee Titans are expected to sign former Jets running back Shonn Greene today. Greene is expected to visit with the team this afternoon and a signing is expected to happen shortly after.

Greene has been the starting running back with the Jets since the 2011 season after backing up LaDanian Tomlinson in 2010. Last season, Greene started 14 of 16 games for the Jets and ran voer 1,063 yards and 8 touchdowns. It is expected that Greene will back up Chris Johnson and be a 3rd down & short yardage back for the Titans.

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  1. A very overrated player

  2. He has 1 good game a season. The other 15 games he gets 60 yards on 20+ carries. If they sign him, the titans will have the most overrated backfield in the nfl.

    • But as a backup for Chris Johnson to keep him fresh, he’s perfect. That’s why the Titans are maybe, probably signing him.

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