Ed Reed started his Thursday morning steeped in NFL abundance, with a Texans entourage that included Rick Smith and Bob McNair flying to his Atlanta offseason home in the owner’s private jet to personally begin the wooing and hind region patting on the flight back to Houston. Fact: free agents who feel like they’re the best person in the world are much more inclined to sign lucrative yet unguaranteed contracts. It’s science.

Upon arriving deep in the heart of Texas for his first official free agent visit, the possibly soon-to-be former Raven spoke to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, who had just completed his 12-hour airport stakeout. He said many nice words about playing football for the Texans, and 24 hours ago I would have discarded those words as posturing, and an attempt to make the Ravens chase to secure their future hall of fame safety. But the lessons of Wes Welker have taught us that during free agency, there can always be many grains of truth mixed in with that salt you habitually sprinkle on March speculation.

Beyond the desire to bring in Reed’s unique and unmatched talents, there’s also the matter of a void to fill that’s driving Houston’s motivation to sign the 34-year-old. The early free agency feeding has left the safety market nearly looking like the Walking Dead‘s Atlanta, with Dashon Goldson committing to the Bucs last night. But the most notable signing for the Texans was Glover Quin, who left their defensive backfield as part of the Lions’ mad cash drop.

So the Texans’ need is clear, and Reed said the interest is mutual. Ruh roh, Ravens.

Go ahead and say more sort of scary things, Ed:

“Both of us are contenders and want to get a championship, but we still have some things to work out.

“Conversations have been great, amazing. We’re on the same page as far as what we need to get done.”

After losing Quin, the Texans will surely do everything in their power to keep Reed from leaving Houston today without a contract. If they’re successful, the signing will deepen the Baltimore exodus, and be yet another critical hit to a Ravens defense that’s set to be a shell of its former dominant self already after losing Ray Lewis, Paul Kruger, Bernard Pollard, and Dannell Ellerbe.

Charles Woodson still remains out of work, making him a fallback option for either the Texans if they miss on Reed, or the Ravens if they don’t.