Man, it’s a bad day to be an awful quarterback, though I suppose that’s every day.

First Matt Cassel met his maker, and now NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Cardinals will cut Kevin Kolb prior to this weekend. He’s due a roster bonus of $2 million on March 17, which is some pretty sweet St. Patty’s Day drinking money. He won’t see it, though, as that cash will be the genesis for his impending unemployment.

It’s truly shocking that a quarterback who has a career passer rating of 78.9 isn’t worthy of such a raise. But here we are, with a train wreck of a trade finally crashing into a mountain and bursting into a glorious flame, burning a small village.

Just prior to the beginning of training camp in the summer of 2011, the Eagles traded Kolb to Arizona in exchange for a second-round pick, and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. That pick was shuffled around, and it eventually turned into Vinny Curry and Brandon Boykin after a trade with the Packers. Rodgers-Cromartie has since moved on to Denver, but the Eagles still received two seasons of good — but short of great — cornerback play.

What did the Cardinals get? A statuesque quarterback who was sacked 57 times over just 14 starts. In fairness to Kolb, he was doing well while being adequately average early this past season before suffering a season-ending rib injury. He was sort of Alex Smith-lite, and able to do just enough to make sure the offense didn’t completely suck while the defense did its face smashing. That contributed to an improbable 4-0 start by the Cardinals that included an upset win over the Patriots, and three straight games without an interception by Kolb.

Had he stayed healthy and maintained that uniquely OK play, maybe Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t get fired, and maybe the Cardinals at least contend for a playoff spot instead of losing nine straight games. But alas, the football overseers from high above have frowned on Arizona for quite some time, and now Kolb joins Cassel in the bloodsport free agency hunt for a backup quarterback who at least won’t ruin absolutely everything he touches.