We’ve written something on nearly every notable free agent signing over the last few days here. Some signings have warranted a lot of words, while others are a passing footnote. But most signings of even remote significance have been included in this space in some capacity.

This signing has a very special place in our heart: the Ogletree of life is leaving Dallas, and signing with the Bucs.

He’ll slot in behind Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and play a secondary role, exactly like the one he played in Dallas behind Dez Bryant and Miles Austin when he recorded a career high 436 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

That’s great, but what’s important here is that we salute what Ogletree did for this here webspace as a Cowboy. When we first started doing weekly Madden sims for the Thursday night games, we didn’t have the technology to capture video. So at the time your noble editor put two interns in a room, and told them to watch a CPU vs. CPU game and take notes. So many notes.

That’s when this happened, and Madden ’13 predicted that on opening night against the Giants, Ogletree would have 115 receiving yards with one touchdown. Remember that entering that game, Ogletree didn’t have a single career touchdown during limited opportunities over three seasons, and he had 25 career catches for 294 yards. Even better, his single-season high was 164 yards, and his single-game high was 50 yards.

Then on that night — that wonderful, magical night — Ogletree finished with 114 yards and two touchdowns, meaning Madden was off by a yard and a touchdown. What did Ogletree do the rest of the season? 322 yards and two touchdowns. Madden was an all-seeing god for one night, empowering the growth of the Ogletree.