That’s the good word from Ian Rapoport, one of the many insider typing monkeys who’s a dirty liar been busy reporting such things all week, and presumably sleeping only during his 15-minute lunch breaks that are also highlighted by corn flakes and pop tarts (#bloglife).

This has been a speculated signing for a few days after the Rams brought Jake Long in for a physical to ensure that it is in fact industrial grade duct holding him together, and not office scotch tape. They now seem satisfied with their findings, and are ready to sign the top left tackle in free agency, which will provide Sam Bradford with some much needed safety and security in his life.

It’ll be interesting to see the average annual amount of cash the Rams decide to pay Long if this signing is finalized, because although he entered free agency as a valued commodity, Long may have been drastically over estimating said value. He was at first reportedly seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million, and then the mid March hearsay and speculation machine surmised that his price is declining, primarily due to health concerns. Long has suffered knee, biceps, triceps, back, and shoulder injuries that have cost him six games over the past two seasons.

But maybe a greater concern for the soon-to-be 28-year-old (not old, but not exactly young for a left tackle either) is his decline that’s not tied to injuries. No, this decline is tied to how good he is at blocking people. Those fancy stat boys over at Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 47th offensive tackle this past season out of the 75 eligible OTs, after he ranked 21st in 2011, and second in 2010 and 2009.

The tape never lies. Trust us, we named a post after it.