jake long2

Since sleeping is something humans do and Adam Schefter is not one of us, catching up on what the spinning free agency wheel of speculation has churned out overnight and earlier this morning usually means going through multiple rumors The Scheft has delivered.

Schefter was the possible bringer of doom for the Texans’ chances of signing Ed Reed, and now he has some fun news about Jake Long.

At some point, a free agency visit has to be classified as a kidnapping if it lasts too long, right? We may have reached that point with both Reed and Long last night, but the difference with the latter is that his health, and the lingering questions surrounding Long’s body that’s being held together with Play Doh. He’s missed six games over the past two years with injuries to nearly every known body part.

That’s why the Rams took their sweet time trying to hammer out a deal. But while they were hammering, they may have missed the nail a few times, hitting several fingers. Trust me, that hurts.

A deal still hasn’t been completed, giving the Dolphins a chance to swoop in and attempt to retain Ryan Tannehill’s primary protector. Man the battle stations and sound the alarm. We have ourselves a bidding war.

Of course, this is exactly the situation Long wanted when he entered free agency seeking something in the vicinity of $10 million annually. Despite the Dolphins’ flurry of signings (Mike Wallace, Dannell Ellerbe, Phillip Wheeler, Brian Harline, Matt Moore, and Randy Starks was franchised) the two teams still have roughly the same amount of available cap space because Jeff Ireland has pinched all the pennies, keeping the 2013 cap hits of his new contracts exceedingly low.

So it’s your move then, Jeff.