Denver Broncos Mini Camp

Over the past few days, the Elvis Dumervil saga has taken a couple of incredibly strange turns. On Friday, he was released by the Denver Broncos after the paperwork to restructure his contract wasn’t filed before the deadline that would see his 2013 base salary become official. Yesterday, Dumervil fired his agent Marty Magid as a result of that revised contract fiasco (a message to all player agents: you need to use something more technologically advanced than a fax machine).

Today, he hired a new agent and there were a slew of teams interested in signing him, including: Baltimore, New England and Tennessee.

Well, you can add Pittsburgh to that list of teams vying for his services.

The Ravens’ biggest rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are also interested in Dumervil after cutting outside linebacker James Harrison as a salary-cap casualty prior to the free agent signing period, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

No matter where Dumervil lands, this has definitely been one of the most interesting storylines of the NFL off-season.

Hat-tip to the Baltimore Sun.