Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings

With the Vikings’ acquisition of veteran quarterback Matt Cassel, some assumed it meant that Minnesota’s starting QB job was open for discussion.

Head coach Leslie Frazier is not one of those people.

When asked by NFL Network about a potential competition for the starting job, Frazier responded bluntly. “No, Christian Ponder is our starting quarterback. Matt knows that, he knew it when we went through the acquisition,” Frazer stated, before proceeding to throw around terms like “insurance” and “quality backup” in reference to Cassel.

For the record, Ponder threw for 2935 yards in 2012, with 18 touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and a QB rating of 81.2. In two seasons since being drafted 12th overall by the Vikings in 2011, the 25-year-old has completed 59 per cent of his passes for 4788 yards, 31 touchdowns and 25 interceptions while compiling a 12-14 record.

Cassel played just nine games for the Chiefs last season, throwing for 1796 yards and just six TD’s compared to 12 interceptions. In total, the 30-year-old has played in 18 games over the last two seasons combined.

In other words, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by Frazier’s decision to set the record straight so early in the year.