Ben Watson is at the point in his career where playing a secondary role to a far more beastly tight end is ideal, and there’s no better place to do that right now than New Orleans.

Watson has signed a three-year deal with the Saints, according to ProFootballTalk. It’s a pact that makes a whole lot of sense for all parties involved: Watson, his new team, and his former team, the Browns.

It’s easy to forget about our boy Watson, because the tight end hasn’t been featured prominently in the Browns’ offense. But when we consider his lack of receptions over the past two seasons (86 total), 911 receiving yards and five touchdowns during that stretch is still pretty…alright. That’s what Watson is. He’s alright, and which makes him the perfect complement and depth behind Jimmy Graham.

He can keep providing replacement-level play or slightly above while being used in dual sets, and there’s also the need for reliable insurance behind Graham in the event of an injury. Graham’s generally been healthy during his three NFL seasons, but in 2012 he missed his first career game, and he was limited in a few others due to a wrist injury.

As for the Browns, the official departure of Watson means the Jordan Cameron show will begin. A fourth-round pick in the 2011 draft, Cameron had 226 yards on only 20 receptions in 2012, and four of those catches were for 20 yards or more. He’s your official 100 Yards and Running fantasy tight end sleeper for 2013.