You’ll notice a trend here, and if you don’t then with all due respect, I question your ability to decipher common patterns. Like, say, what the numbers one, two, and three have in common.

We’re nearly one full week into free agency, and therefore the second wave has officially started. This is traditionally when the bargains can be found, with aging yet still effective veterans purchased at discounted prices that the market has dictated.

Take former Falcons defensive end John Abraham, for example. He may be turning 35 in May, but he still has 19.5 sacks over the past two seasons. A younger gentleman would be handed a small country for numbers like that, but young he is not, and Cliff Avril — the best available defensive end — was just paid only $15 million total over two years. So cash in those bargains, rich football men everywhere.

I won’t give away the trend you’ll see in the top 10 listicle below, but it has something to do with those defensive ends, and just defense in general (hint: there’s a lot of guys who are good at defense out there). Also, since good luck is an entirely foreign concept to me, as I’m writing this post all of these guys will sign. You’re welcome?

1. Elvis Dumervil

Position: Defensive end

2012 team: Denver Broncos

Oh, fax machines. How you fail us so.

Dumervil rushing to a Kinkos moments before he was released is a fantastic mental image. But Dumervil rushing quarterbacks for the Steelers isn’t if your name is Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, or Brandon Weeden. Those are the passers he could seek to hurt twice a season apiece if the newly-minuted free agent is signed by the Steelers, which was the most recent rumor. He’s versatile, and able to bring pressure from either side of the defensive line. In 2012 Dumervil recorded 23 pressures from the left side, and 36 from the right side, according to Pro Football Focus.

2. Ed Reed

Position: Safety

2012 team: Baltimore Ravens

It was said by everyone who says things about football that if Reed left Houston last week without a contract, his chances of receiving that contract would take a nice face punch. The latter half of that remains to be seen, but at this point with Reed still very much available for hire after visiting the Texans and being escorted around in Bob McNair’s private jet, Houston’s chances of signing Reed are at best equal to Baltimore’s. With the league meetings starting today in Arizona, Ravens general manger Ozzie Newsome expects Reed’s future to be decided very soon. He’s making a strong push to keep the future hall of famer after the rest of Newsome’s defense was napalmed.

3. Ahmad Bradshaw

Position: Running back

2012 team: New York Giants

Sure, his bones are potentially a mess, and have the same thickness as several writing devices. But he’s still set to turn 27 tomorrow (happy birthday, Ahmad), meaning in running back years Bradshaw has two-to-three seasons of high level production left before he’s taken behind a wooden structure of some kind and executed (that doesn’t really happen…that we’re aware of). Once the second tier of free agency begins and prices drop, so does the risk associated with Bradshaw’s health.

4. John Abraham

Position: defensive end

2012 team: Atlanta Falcons

As mentioned above, Abraham still retains value despite his age. But it’s presumably that number on his birth certificate that’s kept the interest in his services moderate at best, especially after he had a head start on the open market. Abraham visited with the Seahawks, but then they opted for youthful exuberance in Avril and Michael Bennett. He may or may not have met with the Dolphins at some point last week too, but his market should pick up soon.

5. Dwight Freeney

Position: defensive end

2012 team: Indianapolis Colts

Freeney and Abraham have more than just age in common. They also both visited pleasant New England last week with its bitter cold and slurring bros drinking green beer, and they left without a contract. For Freeney, the next best guess is Atlanta, and their defense that needs to replace Abraham at a cheaper rate. Freeney and Abraham will be connected until death, though we can’t confirm reports of their side-by-side burial plots.

6. Charles Woodson

Position: Safety

2012 team: Green Bay Packers

You’re noticing another pattern by now: age. Woodson is 36, and he’s coming off a season in which he missed nine games. But for the safety needy, there’s value to be found here, as Woodson is still only a year removed from recording 17 passes defensed. The 49ers are a logical fit after they lost Dashon Goldson, but Woodson’s visit to San Francisco last week ended without a deal. Logic also leads us to the Texans after Glover Quin departed, and they’ve expressed interest. Reed’s destination may ultimately determine where Woodson lands, with the Texans’ efforts surely increasing if he remains in Baltimore.

7. Brent Grimes

Position: cornerback

2012 team: Atlanta Falcons

Grimes has bounced around, most recently visiting with the Browns. A cornerback tandem of a healthy Grimes (he tore his ACL in Week 2 this past season) and Joe Haden would be rather scary. He’s still mulling over his options though after leaving Cleveland. And really, who isn’t mulling over their options after leaving Cleveland? A return to Atlanta is still quite possible here, especially after the Falcons cut Dunta Robinson.

Grimes was PFF’s top-rated cornerback in free agency. The potential bargain here is the best of the remaining deals, with Grimes’ price lowered due to concerns about his injury. If there’s a strong belief that he’s progressing well, he’s still only 30, and he can be a long-term contributor at a high level.

8. James Harrison

Position: Outside linebacker

2012 team: Pittsburgh Steelers

The health risks with Harrison are the worst of the log-jammed group of veteran pass rushers, as he’s missed eight games over the past two years. But even with that missed time, he still recorded 15 sacks.

9. Andre Smith

Position: offensive tackle

2012 team: Cincinnati Bengals

Jake Long finally signing after he was held hostage in St. Louis should be the domino that topples the remaining marquee names on the tackle market, most notably Smith and Sebastian Vollmer. Smith only gave up three sacks in 2012, and last week Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said his front office is working hard to retain their sixth overall pick in 2009. Being Andy Dalton — and by extension, A.J. Green too — would begin to suck if Smith leaves.

10. Osi Umenyiora

Position: Defensive end

2012 team: New York Giants

Although he’s been targeted by the Falcons to replace Abraham, Umenyiora is the least appealing of the finely-aged pass rushers, because his vintage status is paired with diminishing returns. He’ll turn 32 next November, and he had only six sacks this past season despite playing all 16 games. It was his lowest sack total during a full season.