Obligatory note: what you see below is a sweet money making opportunity for those of you who enjoy such things. Vegas odds on championship chances are a gauge of the public opinion of each team, but as a predictor of the results we’ll see in the 2013 season or the Super Bowl matchup we’ll watch next February, futures in mid March immediately following the first week of free agency — before the draft, and long before a meaningful game or even a meaningful practice — are little more than arbitrary fun.

Odds are a talking point, and since we’re into talking about things around here and we like fun, I took a little look see at how the championship odds for each team are stacking up nearly a week into the spending, and mostly overspending. The World Wide Web provides so many places to lose money on sports if that’s your desire, but here we’re sticking with Bodog just for the sake of continuity.¬†Elsewhere you’ll surely find different projections, and even better bargains and ways to pay for your new dryer. Please recall that a day after the Super Bowl we did a similar post using Bodog’s odds, with the Broncos leading. So how much has this list changed since then?

The top hasn’t, but a lot else has throughout the rest of the money making standings.

A few observations and stray thoughts.

  • Them Dolphins, man. You’ll look at that standing, and wonder how they’re not higher after purchasing pretty much every player available in free agency who isn’t named Jake Long. But then remember that 35/1 represents a sizable 15-point jump from their 50/1 projection a day after the Super Bowl. Then once you remember that, it’ll also be healthy to remember that the Dolphins still aren’t legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Playoff contenders? Sure, and they’re still in the territory as a franchise where making the post-season is a massive accomplishment.
  • The Broncos didn’t move at the top, but they’re now joined by the 49ers, a team that lost Dashon Goldson, Ricky Jean-Francois, Isaac Sopoaga, and Delanie Walker, two of whom were major contributors this past season.
  • Seattle’s uptick (from 12/1 to 10/1) is much less than expected after they added Percy Harvin to perfectly complement Russell Wilson, while significantly improving a weak pass rush with Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.
  • Atlanta lost Michael Turner, Dunta Robinson, and most importantly, John Abraham. And a team that came within several points of the Super Bowl could also lose Brent Grimes. Yet still the defending NFC South champs climbed from 18/1 to 12/1. So thanks for that, Steven Jackson and Tony Gonzalez.
  • Turns out having your entire roster pillaged and gutted isn’t good for optimism. The Ravens retained Joe Flacco, but they lost Ray Lewis, Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe, Cary Williams, and Bernard Pollard, and they could also lose Ed Reed. That’s led to a tumble from 12/1 odds to repeat as champions, to 20/1.

From Bodog:

Broncos: 7/1
49ers: 7/1
Patriots: 15/2
Seahawks: 10/1
Falcons: 12/1
Packers: 12/1
Texans: 16/1
Saints: 16/1
Ravens: 20/1
Giants: 20/1
Steelers: 20/1
Bears: 25/1
Cowboys 25/1
Redskins: 25/1
Eagles: 30/1
Bengals: 35/1
Lions: 35/1
Colts: 35/1
Dolphins: 35/1
Vikings: 40/1
Chargers: 40/1
Chiefs: 45/1
Panthers: 50/1
Jets: 60/1
Rams: 60/1
Buccaneers: 60/1
Browns: 75/1
Cardinals: 100/1
Bills: 100/1
Raiders: 100/1
Titans: 100/1
Jaguars: 150/1