In early February the Jaguars had their most successful day of the season after the season when they unveiled a new logo that’s…sexier?

Now in today’s exciting aesthetic news, the Jags may have leaked their new jersey.

We don’t see much in the leaked picture that surfaced on the Twitters and through a random Instagram account, and please note the sketchiness of those sources. I’m merely the messenger, faithfully feeding your jersey and logo needs. Also, my Canuck friends will note that two summers ago the new reincarnation of the Winnipeg Jets still didn’t have a logo in mid July when it leaked online in a similar fashion, and that leaked logo was confirmed hours later. Just sayin’.

Anyways, on with it. From Chris Creamer over at, here’s the leaked Jags jersey

jags jersey

As Creamer keenly observes, although the logo on the patch is the same as the logo that was unveiled in February, it’s facing in the opposite direction and looking at the player. This may prove to be a poor strategy if Blaine Gabbert is afraid of any beast that could eat him. He has enough to worry about, like not getting eaten by grown men.

For reference, the current black version of the Jaguars jersey is below. From the little bit we can see in the leaked picture, that eye-bleeding teal has mostly disappeared, as the teal trim surrounding the numbers is trumped by gold. Any trim at all around the numbers is new, and gold as the dominant color is reinforced by the neck trim (also new).


But oh, that’s not all, as it’s a wondrous day for uniform nerds. Both the Dolphins and Jaguars will officially release their new uniforms to the world sometime next month, but we haven’t even seen Miami’s new logo yet. Yesterday Dolphins CEO Mike Dee excitedly tweeted that both of those things will be showcased for public consumption in 30 days.

Sorry, Mike, 30 days is really about one day in Internet time. Also from a random Instagram account and also from, here’s the leaked Dolphins logo…


This leak is similar to the tame, gentle dolphin we saw in a leak a few weeks ago. Basically, Dolphins fans will be supporting a team that wears the symbol of a failed tropical-themed airline on its helmet (Oceanic?).

Today’s lesson then? Never keep secrets from the Internet. It knows all.