Buddy Nix has been making news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. A couple of pranksters got the scoop of the off-season in Bills land, recording a conversation between Nix and Bucs GM Mark Dominik. During the conversation Nix laid his cards out on the table regarding the Bills’ tumultuous Quarterback situation.

“You can’t afford to pay that kind of money to a guy that’s fighting for probably a backup job,” then ended with, “we gotta get one somehow. Bad time to need it.”

The ‘guy’ was Ryan Fitzpatrick. A day after the conversation was released the Bills released Fitzpatrick. With Tarvaris Jackson the only QB under contract heading into the 2013 season, the Bills will be in the market for a signal caller when the draft rolls around in April.

Canoe Sports’ John Kryk conducted a ten minute interview with Nix at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix. Nix dished on some of the Quarterbacks that available.

On Matt Barkley:

“We’re going to have a private workout for Matt, and for about five or six of (the QB’s).”

On the possibility of trading for Matt Flynn:

“Well, I wouldn’t name anybody, but I know this. We would add as much competition to every position as we can, including quarterback.”

On whether Nix thinks there are any 1st round worthy QB’s in this draft:

“I’ve said from Day 1 there will be two quarterbacks in this draft that will be long-time starters in this league. And that’s a fact. The key is figuring out which two it is, and that’s what we’re in the process of doing.”

The last quote is the most interesting from the interview. While Nix didn’t go into detail on either Geno Smith or Barkley, my assumption is that he is referring to them. Or maybe not, he didn’t really say anything concrete. Either way the Bills will be doing their due diligence in the coming weeks. Just watch out for those blocked numbers numbers, Buddy.