I know. This is just Rexy being Rexy, and we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Even though he can be annoying and obnoxious, as time has passed I think we’ve taken Rex Ryan’s quotes for granted. Hate him if you wish — and so many do — but we can all agree on this: in the sea of white noise that is the inconsequential post-game drivel when a camera is put in front of a head coach’s face, at least Ryan seeks to entertain.

Funny thing is, I like fun more than boring. Yeah, I’m weird like that. So I was anxiously waiting to see how Ryan would address his quarterback situation at this week’s owners meetings in Arizona. Or more accurately, his quarterback debacle.

He didn’t disappoint. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News asked Ryan if Mark Sanchez has a “leg up” entering the Jets’ offseason training activities, and later training camp. His answer?

“A leg up? Somebody has to take the first snap.”

That’s pretty much all Mark Sanchez is good for at this point. Taking the first snap.

Eventually Tim Tebow will be cut and then he’ll seek employment in the arena league, because that’s the only place where getting paid to play football is a possibility for him. In fact, if this was any other team we’re discussing, I’d say that Tebow’s continued presence on the roster is downright baffling. Alas, it’s the Jets.

Once he’s cut, that will leave Sanchez, the recently-signed David Garrard, and Greg McElroy. Sadly, with the current construction of that depth chart, a 35-year-old who hasn’t thrown a pass in a competitive football game in two years (Garrard) is the slight favorite over Sanchez, who hasn’t thrown an accurate pass in about the same length of time (completion percentage of 54.3 in 2012, with a 66.9 passer rating).

Matt Hasselbeck’s time on the open market lasted about an hour yesterday, and Ryan Fitzpatrick was promptly snapped up by the Titans. So if the Jets seek to add any other respectable QB depth, their only option could be Kevin Kolb.