This is possibly the greatest picture even taken of anyone, and I’ll keep using it forever.

Updating something that I honestly, really meant to update earlier this morning before being distracted by other glowing lights on my computer screen, Ed Reed’s contract details emerged late last night. For a guy who will turn 35 next September, dude made some nice bank.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported that Reed’s contract with the Texans will keep him in Houston for three years, and he’ll be paid $15 million. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle chimed in with the guaranteed money — the most important detail — and it’s $5 million.

The likelihood that Reed will reach the end of this contract is lower than low, but regardless, such a large financial number being associated with an aging safety — even if he’s still highly effective — shows that winning the Super Bowl and thereby creating a bidding war can lead to some pretty sweet cash. That final number and the length is what resulted in Reed’s departure from Baltimore, with the Ravens surely leery of a possible cliff dive at the hands of father time.

Of course, the guaranteed number is all that really matters, and it’s reasonably affordable for a safety of Reed’s caliber. Here’s a fact that’s undeniable: true ballers sign multi-million dollar contracts with a bottle of apple juice within reach…

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