Kellen Davis isn’t a sexy tight end.

Yeah, there’s a lot wrong with that sentence (no really, see what I did there?), so let’s try again. Davis is sexy if blocking really grinds your gears. And you know, it probably should, because now Davis — a fine blocking tight end — will primarily be doing that in front of Trent Richardson. That should lead to fun fake football returns, and it will also contribute to a little less sadness inside the Factory of Sadness.

The Browns have reportedly signed Davis to a one-year deal, and while he’ll be available to catch some footballs, that’s not likely why he’s joined the Chud train. Davis is known for that blocking ability, even though he just spent two seasons as the Bears’ primary tight end. That speaks more to Chicago’s lack of any respectable tight ends since Greg Olsen left, though, as during those two seasons Davis logged only 435 receiving yards and 37 receptions. Yes that’s right, he’s had less than 20 receptions in each of the past two seasons.

Although Davis will provide some needed veteran depth on a Browns offense that’s quite young, Jordan Cameron should still be the primary tight end Brandon Weeden turns to when he wants to throw the football in the direction of someone who plays that position. Cameron was a fourth-round pick in 2011, and he showed some promise this past season during his limited use (just 40 targets). He only recorded 20 receptions, but four of them went for 20 yards or more.