There are some natural common sense principles to live by in this life. Leading that list is not insulting a 325-pound man’s wife. Even higher on said list is doing that on a radio show, during a time in our evolution when the Internet has been discovered, and such an idiotic rant will be heard by everyone everywhere.

Ted Johnson, Vince Wilfork’s former teammate, isn’t familiar with this logic. I’ll let Ted speak for himself, because he’s pretty horrible at that.

What makes this especially great is when Johnson was confident Wilfork wouldn’t hear his idiocy. Evidently Wilfork must live in a time when radio signals can’t be transmitted great distances, and certainly not to computers.

Wilfork responded pretty much the way you would expect Wilfork to respond. NAUGHTY WORD ALERT!

wilfork response

Johnson has since realized that he lacks basic decency, and he’s apologized.


So there you have it. On this day, a 40-year-old man learned that insulting another man’s wife publicly is in poor taste. We applaud your personal development, Ted.