Being wanted must be nice. Anthony Adams adores you, Nnamdi Asomugha.

Asomugha was jettisoned by the Eagles, because it turns out that giving a cornerback Darrelle Revis money (or at least Darrelle Revis’ definition of Darrelle Revis money) isn’t ideal when at times — most times, even — he’s playing like, I dunno, Stanford Routt. But there are still many other times when Asomugha is sort of OK, and even some others when he’s still quite good. Not great or excellent, but good.

Both the 49ers and Saints could use some more good in their respective defensive backfields, which is why they’re reportedly the two teams bidding for Asomugha, according to Ian Rapoport.

The Rapsheet says that as far as Asomugha’s future employment is concerned, it’s down to those two NFL outposts, with the Saints quite understandably making the most aggressive push. New Orleans essentially needs anyone who can run kinda fast and jump real good. Those are the minimum qualifications to play for and upgrade a secondary that gave up an average of 292.6 passing yards per game this past season (31st), most of which came in disgusting chunk yardage form (they allowed 66 receptions of 20 yards or more).

The Saints already started their desperate secondary rebuild by adding Keenan Lewis to be the main shutdown guy, but slotting in Asomugha on the opposite side would be a nice little haul. If they’re successful, Asomugha would then be placed in the ideal situation for where his career has currently spiraled to, one in which he’s not asked to regularly line up against the opposition’s fastest and most skilled receiver.

That’s why the fit in San Francisco is a fine one too, as the Niners already have Carlos Rogers to do most of the heavy lifting. San Fran’s lust for Asomugha is driven by both the desire to create that tandem, but also more broadly to reinforce the secondary after Dashon Goldson departed for Tampa Bay. He’d also be an upgrade over Tarell Brown and Chris Culliver.