The first sign that Colt McCoy wouldn’t be a quality NFL quarterback was his inability to throw deep. The second, third, and ninth signs were also his inability to throw deep.

When the Browns spent a first-round pick on Brandon Weeden last year, McCoy’s departure was assumed to be imminent. That seemed like safe logic since teams don’t draft a 28-year-old quarterback with the intention of giving a noodle armed backup any shot during a QB competition, and at the time Seneca Wallace was more than sufficient to be Weeden’s backup.

Now Jason Campbell — who was signed by the Browns earlier this week — is even more sufficient behind Weeden, in turn making McCoy even more useless/redundant. That’s why we’re about to see the end of the McCoy era(?) in Cleveland soon, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, who reports that the former Heisman finalist will either be released soon, or traded for a late-round pick.

The latter scenario is unlikely on so many amusing levels. If there was any market whatsoever for McCoy, he would have been traded a year ago. He’ll be released, and it’ll happen soon.

He’s not a starter, but that doesn’t mean he’ll last long as he’s dropped into the always shallow sea of available quarterbacks in March and April. Any team in search of a viable backup quarterback who can be trusted with a spot start or two as the regular starter recovers from an injury will take a serious and long look. Starting experience is always valued in a backup, and McCoy has logged 21 starts over his three seasons.

And hey, who the hell knows. He’s still only 26, and maybe there’s a QB guru on a sideline somewhere who can take the aged and moldy lemons McCoy is offering, and turn them into savory lemonade.

No matter what happens, we’ll always have our song, Colt. Always.

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  1. wow…you must be a weeden-head.

    • Yes, didn’t you see the multiple sentences above in which I wrote “BRANDON WEEDEN IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME EVER”?

  2. i think igggy should fit in just fine with the penguins

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