You know, I guess when we consider all the aerodynamic factors that aren’t in Ndamukong Suh’s favor here (namely, his 307-pound girth) his first and only dive on the dumbest reality show in a genre that inherently decreases human intelligence wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t great either, but whatever, glass houses, or something. I have yet to execute a proper dive during my time on this Earth, and for about 20 years of my existence there was a significant body of water in my backyard.

Anywho, here’s Suh on Splash last night making a dive that eventually resulted in his elimination, ending his Katherine Webb ogling opportunity.

But oh, this could have been much worse. The Lions defensive tackle did a few practice dives before we were all given the opportunity to make fun of Suh along with the other celebrities who jumped off a springboard for our amusement. One of those dives resulted in Suh’s face meeting the bottom of the pool the hard way, although I’m not sure there’s really an easy way.


Thanks, Guyism