The Packers have roughly $18 million in salary cap space for the 2013 season right now. By the end of the day or the end of next week or something soon, much of that could be gone, and it’ll be put in a very good place. Namely, the pockets of Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.

Moments after I finished fearing for the financial security of our world due to the apparently imminent extension coming for Rodgers, word of an extension for Matthews in the really, really near future surfaced too.

This comes to us by way of Tom Silverstein from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, who quite rightly observes that it would be a special kind of insanity for the Packers to allow Matthews to even get a sniff of free agency. That’s scheduled to happen next spring, with Matthews entering the final year of his rookie contract which is set to pay him just $3.73 million. For a pass rusher of Matthews’ caliber, in NFL money that’s the equivalent of about eight pennies. Matthews had 13 sacks this past season even though he missed four games, and over his four-year career he’s recorded a total of 43 sacks, only once dipping below double digits. Of the Packers’ 47 total sacks in 2013, no one else had more than 4.5.

Silverstein estimates that once a deal is finalized, Matthews’ yearly cap hit will rise to somewhere around $8-10 million. That means the team’s remaining money pool for next year will be a private one enjoyed only by Matthews and Rodgers. Bring all the tattooed girls.