New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Wallace is a very rich man. I know this seems like a very obvious statement considering the former Steeler signed a 5-year $60 million contract with the Miami Dolphins (the deal included a $11 million signing bonus and $27 million in guaranteed money).

He has so much money that he could buy and sell my existence several million times over.

That said, according to Wallace’s dad, the 26-year old wide receiver could have pocketed even more cash if he had decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

“The [Vikings] had come to the point where they were telling him, ‘You don’t have to live here, just be here during the season,’ ” Wallace’s father, Mike Jr., said by phone this week. “He wanted to get out of that snow and cold weather.”

Well, I guess we learned today that sometimes money isn’t everything. We also learned that no sane human being would actively choose to live in Minnesota during the winter.

Hat-tip to the Miami Herald and PFT