Bills sign Kevin Kolb

Buffalo Bills v Arizona CardinalsThree years ago on Easter, Kevin Kolb became the defacto starter in Philadelphia. The Donovan McNabb era ended when the long time Eagle starter was shipped off to Washington. Though he had just two starts under his belt, Andy Reid was confident in Kolb’s ability to become an effective starter in the NFL.

We know what happened next. Kolb started five games in 2010, losing his job to Michael Vick. After being traded to Arizona he struggled to find success with the Cardinals, starting 14 games over two years.

Three years after becoming the starter in Philly, Kevin Kolb may be at the right place at the right time once again, this time in Buffalo. The Bills signed Kolb to a two-year contract worth potentially $12 million on Saturday night.

Buddy Nix and the Bills coaching staff replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with Kolb, an upgrade only in the sense that the former Cardinals QB costs much less. The Bills have done their due diligence on the Quarterbacks available in this year’s draft, holding private workouts with Geno Smith, E.J Manuel and Landry Jones thus far.

Kolb joins Tarvaris Jackson and an unknown rookie in a three way battle for the starting gig. History is probably going to repeat itself.

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  1. We all thought Kurt Warner was washed up heading to Arizona, what happened there? Lets not forget its a team sport and situation, coaching and teammates has a lot to do with success and failure.
    Kolb is an upgrade to Fitz talent wise, and at worst will fill the gap for a year. Bills did overpay for him though for a potential backup to Tavaris Jackson or a hotshot rookie.

    • The difference between Kurt Warner and Kevin Kolb is that Kevin Kolb isn’t being viewed as “washed up”… The semantics behind “being washed up” dictate that there had to be a highpoint (unless you count that one decent game against the Browns years ago). Kolb has always been a bum, therefore, it’s impossible to be really “washed up” because there wasn’t a platform to fall from. He’s always been an over rated bum…

      I will never understand the NFL’s evaluation of talent… You’re telling me teams are willing to go after Kevin Kolb (a man who has been completely useless and injury prone his entire career), but won’t go near Tim Tebow (a proven winner and leader)

      Not a huge Tebow guy, but, c’mon… Kevin Kolb? Yuck

  2. really? is this an April fools joke????? look at the stats. the only differance between him and fitz, it the amount of money. he starts out 4-0, gets hurt fitz starts out 5-1 gets big contract. what happened after that? both have loseing records as a starter. both have more int’s then TD’s. they jus got a cheaper fitz. see you in the playoffs, in another 12 yrs!

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