I almost threw another bold and important looking update on my earlier Carson Palmer rantings which also conveniently included Tony Romo and Kevin Kolb musings. Yes, all the quarterbacks are doing things.

But then I decided that with Palmer reports coming through your windows (hide your wife) at alarming rates all day, let’s start fresh. This will be the place in which we celebrate one final bit of comedy supplied by the Palmer era in Oakland.

The trade that will eventually send Palmer to Arizona hasn’t officially been completed yet, although that’s still imminent. But here’s what we do know, or at least reportedly know:

  • From USA Today’s Mike Garafolo, Palmer will agree to a dramatically reduced contract. This is a surprise to no one anywhere, but it’s the first time we’re hearing a possible figure, as Garafolo reports that Palmer will likely be paid something in the vicinity of $8 million next year, with incentives built in to possibly exceed that number. That’s a much more tolerable price tag, and it’s in line with Palmer’s current value in a market where Kevin Kolb will make about $6 million in 2013.
  • We also have a rough idea of what Oakland will get in return. Garafolo reports that multiple late-round picks will go the other way, while Yahoo’s Michael Silver thinks only one late rounder will be involved.

On that return: hahahahahaha.

The laughter isn’t at Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie. He seems to have done everything he could to get the best possible return for Palmer, and a late-round pick (or picks) is indeed the proper value.

No, the amusement here lies in what looks to be Palmer’s lasting legacy in Oakland, and the finality of the trade that brought him over from Cincinnati. To acquire Palmer halfway through the 2011 season, the Raiders rather incredibly sent a first-round pick in the 2012 draft to the Bengals, in addition to a second rounder which still hasn’t been used yet (that’s coming in 25 days). That first rounder last year (17th overall) turned into Dre Kirkpatrick.

But put even more awesomely, if we use Garafolo’s optimistic projection for the Raiders’ Palmer haul, here’s how that Bengals transaction now looks: Oakland traded away first- and second-round picks, for (at best) fifth and sixth rounders.