Right now, he’s only crawling. I’ve been told that quarterbacks usually walk just after their first season, and then by the start of season two, boy you just can’t get them to stop running.

But that’s most quarterbacks, and Robert Griffin III isn’t most quarterbacks. When I saw him walking and running on Day 1 last fall, I knew immediately that we were all witnessing something truly special. Then he shredded nearly every known ligament in his knee during the Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seahawks, putting his status for Week 1 this September in question.

Never fear, for RG3 has spent his offseason blowing stuff up, and his rehab is about to progress to the running stage within the next week.

That rosy news comes to us through a highly trusted source: RG2. Griffin’s father told the Washington Post that his son is expected to receive clearance to beginning running so very, very soon.

“He’s been running in the pool, and some on the treadmill,” he told The Post. “But they’re just about ready to take it out on the field.”

While the sight of Griffin running at something even close to full speed on a football field in April — five months before Week 1 — will lead to punctured denim everywhere, I don’t need to mention the common sense reality of this, but I’ll do it anyway. Running on dry land is merely another step in a long, tedious recovery for a player who relies heavily on his speed, but more importantly his ability to cut and shift freely.

The cautious optimism Griffin has repeatedly expressed is encouraging, but we won’t be able to make any confident conclusions about his opening weekend status until we see how he looks during training camp in August.