When we last checked in with JaMarcus Russell and his attempt to be an NFL quarterback who isn’t fat and slow and inaccurate, his comeback immediately brought to mind thoughts of a rusted car trying to climb a steep and sandy hill, and eventually going boom.

That was back in late February, when Russell’s comeback was very much in its infancy, and it took him 5.2 seconds to run 40 yards in a straight line. That’s bad, and so was his weight at the time, which topped out at a rather rotund 315 pounds.

But hey, we have progress. The latest installment in Bleacher Report‘s series documenting his comeback attempt surfaced earlier this morning, and Russell says that he’s no longer “breathing like a fat man” after warming up for his actual workout. Game changer.

There is real and legitimate progress, though, most notably Russell’s weight loss. He is now much less balloon-y at 288 pounds, with 270 still remaining the end goal. I don’t know about you folks, but the first quarterback who comes to my mind when I picture a heavier pivot is Ben Roethlisberger, and he weighs 241 pounds. Tampa’s Josh Freeman is one pound lighter at 240, while Cam Newton’s girth maxes out at 245.

So despite his encouraging progress in a short period of time leading up to his Pro Day workout on April 10 (where one of his receivers will be Larry Fitzgerald), there’s still a fair distance to cover for Russell to achieve the sufficient mobility to even receive backup consideration. During his prime — if he had such a thing — Russell weighed 246 pounds.