There’s been a few times during my esteemed blogging career that I’ve mustered the ambition to rise from my chair, walk away from my mother’s basement with its limitless supply of delicious Eggos, and be a real reporter. This has required putting on pants and shaving (not necessarily in that order).

Like many a keen young journo, I’ll never forget my first time in a professional football locker room. As a player of the sports during my formative years, I had been in many locker rooms, and the only thing beer leagues and pro leagues have in common is the foundation of the locker room environment. To put it politely, there are a lot of men/boys making horribly crude jokes, and they’re in various states of undress. Because, you know, that’s what you do in locker rooms, which can also be known as change rooms. You change your clothes.

That’s what NFL players do too, or NBA or NHL or MLB players. They may be wearing very little, and you’re standing and waiting with a notepad in your hands, feeling rather foolish while waiting to ask the pressing questions of the day. Personally, I’m quite confident that everyone likes to talk about how much they suck while they’re wearing nothing but a towel. That makes for a pleasant and cordial interview atmosphere.

A 10-year-old Paul Rudd dared to venture into the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room to meet his idols. At about the two-minute mark of the video below, he describes his — ahem — eye-opening experience to Conan O’Brien.

“I was so excited to meet my heroes, and there they all were. And they were all naked.”

Thanks, SB Nation