There are firsts for everything, everyday. For example, last night was the first time I was nearly hit by a flying bat at a baseball game. At that same game, a kind woman threw a man’s prescription glasses to a place far, far away.

Around these parts today, we’re experiencing a far less exciting but still notable first: this is the first time this here Internet writing space has had a JaMarcus Russell post on back-to-back days.

This one will be brief-ish, but its shock value could be everlasting. Or maybe I’m overstating that a bit.

Whatever. Here’s Mike Freeman and an anonymous scout to maybe make you spit something on your computer screen:

This from an NFC scout when asked about the formerly fat mess known as JaMarcus Russell: “I’ve been following his comeback story pretty closely. I think a lot of teams are. Good chance he gets a second shot.”

Whoa. What?

You mean some teams think Russell has a legitimate shot, at a second shot? It sure sounds that way.

Freeman’s sources also back up this scout’s claim, as he’s been told that a number of teams are watching Russell’s comeback attempt closely. Russell is progressing, and he’s shed significant weight. But there’s still a long, winding mountain with jagged edges left to climb.

PFT’s Michael David Smith noted that even Ryan Leaf — the worst draft bust in NFL history — was given a second chance. Sure, but that came in 2001 with the Cowboys, just a season after his Chargers flameout was complete. Russell hasn’t thrown a meaningful pass since 2009.

He can shed weight and continue to look fantastic in shorts all he wants. But ultimately, his time in NFL purgatory will be the final hurdle Russell has to jump to get even a sniff at an offseason tryout.