When this surfaced on my digital news device, I honestly had to remind myself that the Raiders hadn’t already released Rolando McClain, and that for reasons only known to general manager Reggie McKenzie, he was still employed until a few hours ago.

But after two arrests since the linebacker was made the eighth-overall pick in 2010, the Raiders have finally decided to minimize the amount of turds on their roster, and let him walk. The relationship had soured severely, with McClain starting only nine games this past season. When a top 10 pick is on the bench that frequently during only his third year, a divorce is forthcoming, especially when he really seems to enjoy guns.

There’s a broader tale of sadness now with this Raiders offseason, and 20 days before this year’s draft, it’s one that illustrates how much catastrophic decisions on the night of April 25 — or just before that night — will be felt several Aprils from now. Between McClain, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Michael Huff, Richard Seymour, and Carson Palmer, the Raiders have parted with five first-round picks this offseason.

Three are their own, and first round picks (or in Palmer’s case, a second rounder too) were sacrificed to acquire the other two. Happy drafting, Reggie.

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  1. This was a formality, waive him or not he was going to be all dead money anyway so no pressure to unload him for Uncle Reg.
    After Slolando ripped the team on FB, I would likely let him sit through a bunch of free agency too.
    The years to come look good, thanks to Big Reginald.
    They will for the first time in a while have all their high round picks next year, Reggie MAc seems to value them as much as Al didn’t.
    No more cutting players to get under the cap and letting former picks walk when they become FA’s, the Raiders will be 69 million under the cap next year as it stands now.
    Big Uncle Reginald Mac may not talk too good on camera, but he made the right call in getting rid of evey one of those players.

    • Oh no disagreement here on that. The mess he’s had to clean up is pretty remarkable.

    • thank goodness that loser is finally gone! I hope no team picks him up and he gets to fulfill his criminal career and end up in jail or digging ditches. what a loser (I am a Raider fan).

  2. We just needed an Uncle Phil to come throw all the Jazz’s out the door in Oakland.

  3. Yes,we just needed an Uncle Phil to come throw all the Jazz’s out the door in Oakland.

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