When you first heard about Jay Cutler proposing to Kristin Cavallari for the second time through a text message and then mailing the ring to his bride-to-be, you believed every word of this elaborate tale of laziness and not caring. It is, after all, the most Cutler way to express love.

What can Brown do for you? Deliver wedded bliss, of course.

We heard that story from Cavallari first, which gave it even more immediate authenticity. But still, it would be nice to hear the man himself share the wisdom of his Romeo ways.

What say you, Smokin’ Jay?

The video evidence from Cutler’s Hangout with Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio comes to us by way of Larry Brown Sports. In word form, here’s Cutler’s explanation for the circumstances that led to his bride’s ring being sealed with care:

“First time we were in Cabo. Did the whole thing on the knee, overlooking the sunset. The second time I think she had just left Chicago. We were at the airport talking about it. She’s like, ‘I want my ring.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t have it. I guess I’ll just mail it to you.’ And she’s like, ‘perfect.’ That’s just kind of how it went down.”

See, it was just convenience. That, and Cavallari’s crap giving level was as low as Cutler’s. Cupid wins again.