I know what you’re thinking. I always know what you’re thinking.

When Kevin Kolb said this earlier today at his press conference after he was officially signed by the Bills…


…what else is he supposed to say? Well, we have a few more realistic ideas:

  • “I hope to be the starting quarterback (right now, I’m only a ‘strong candidate‘) and beat out Tarvaris Jackson, and whoever the hell my new head coach drafts sometime in the first two rounds”
  • “I hope that guy’s name isn’t Geno Smith, because then I will resume doing little beyond making hand signals.”
  • “If I am the starting quarterback, I hope to be moderately better than Ryan Fitzpatrick.”
  • “I’m really good at handing off. I can do that”
  • “I can be adequate until you find my replacement.”

If it’s managed correctly with the proper levels of running and leaning on C.J. Spiller, the Bills’ offense can be successful under Kolb. Essentially, he needs to be Alex Smith-lite.

But championship aspirations? This seems quite timely and appropriate