Rams say no to Tebow


You should probably sit down for this, although I have no idea why you were standing: there’s still no team interested in a quarterback who can’t throw, and therefore he can’t be a quarterback. Also, there’s still no team interested in a player who will be released in a matter of days.


Any general manger who trades for Tim Tebow and gives up an asset that has even remote value should be handed some termination papers immediately. That’s because of the whole bit about Tebow being released.

Forget the fact that he’s only useful in a very specific offense or in a very specific package. The Jets are paying Mark Sanchez (Jeff Garcia workouts for life) $8.25 million next year, and they just signed David Garrard to compete with him for the starting job. They also still employ Greg McElroy, who abruptly bypassed Tebow on the depth chart this past season when Sanchez was mercifully benched.

The preceding paragraph is filled with well-known facts, yet for reasons which reside only in John Idzik’s mind, Tebow still hasn’t been released. We can only assume that after every shred of value was drained from Tebow last year, Idzik still stubbornly believes he’ll find a sucker somewhere.

Say what you will about Carson Palmer. Call him old, or weak-armed, or whatever. But he’s started 105 NFL games at quarterback to Tebow’s 14, yet the Cardinals deemed Palmer worthy of only a conditional seventh-round pick.

You’re paying for little more than trickery with Tebow. And on the trade market, trickery is worthless.