Eddie Lacy is big. That is a fact which can be measured, and we know that at 5’11″ and weighing 231 pounds, he’s larger than many humans.

But what of his quickness? Luckily, our technology has advanced to the point where that can be measured too. And yes, the kid has some quicks.

When he ran during his private workout earlier this morning, Lacy ran a 4.4…twice. Now, those times are unofficial, as all Pro Day times are, but the fact that the vast majority of stop watch holders pegged him in the general vicinity of those times (and twice) tells us that he is indeed a rare physical specimen. A few watches had him a tick or two slower (4.58 and 4.62), but the point remains that he’s rather fast, and that could cement Lacy’s status as the only running back who will be selected in the first round two weeks from now.

I typed that last sentence with great hesitancy, because I typed many similar sentences a year ago regarding Trent Richardson’s platinum draft status, and then Doug Martin and David Wilson were also selected late in the first round. The difference, of course, is that Richardson was assured of being a top five pick, or at the very worst a top 10 pick, and Lacy will likely come off the board in the back half of the first round. That’s especially true if you believe those other evil watches which timed him a little slower.

Oh, and while we’re sort of making Richardson comparisons, please note that he also attended running back U (Alabama), and he ran a 4.45 at the Combine. Richardson was and still is recognized for his rare blend of size and speed that leads to a unique sort of hurt, and he checks in at 5’9″, and 230 pounds. So given the speed we saw today from Lacy, he could be nearly the same running back, with maybe a little less top-end burst.

But it’s not all plums and blueberries around here. No sir.

Lacy’s workout today was a pretty massive deal because he wasn’t able to participate in the Combine workouts or Alabama’s Pro Day due to a hamstring injury. He’s likely still on the mend, which is probably why this happened…


Indeed, Bucky (best name ever), a lack of conditioning and the perception of a poor work ethic will be a concern, as will the possibility of a still lingering injury. But at worst, the speed Lacy showcased should compensate for the negatives during the rest of his workout, and he’ll still be a late-round pick on April 25.

Where, exactly, will he play his professional football? Welp, that’s what mock drafts are for, and the Internet has a few of them nowadays. Over at, Mr. Brooks himself has Lacy going to the Rams at 22nd overall, as does his colleague Gil Brandt. That makes sense following the departure of Steven Jackson.

He’ll have to get by the Steelers at 17th, though, another team that makes a whole lot of sense after Rashard Mendenhall left for Arizona, leaving them with Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman as their primary backs (so much yuck). That will likely be a little too early, and if he falls to the very back of the opening round, the packers (26th overall) are a pretty good fit too since their backfield was a product of patchwork last year. And then if the tumble continues, he likely won’t get past the Broncos (28th) with Willis McGahee aging.