I’m not sure when we were first introduced to Peyton Manning’s status as a wild and crazy guy. Surely it was early on in his career, but for me his awesomeness was officially affirmed when he was throwing passes at kindergarten kids, and chanting for decaffeinated coffee.

His teammates, of course, have known about his level of awesome for so very many years. Or maybe instead sometimes he’s not so awesome if you’re on the other end of a prank during the first few moments when you may think said prank isn’t a prank at all. And thus we arrive at the case of Eric Decker and the fake Duke University workout bill.

Just as he did last year when he was rehabbing his neck injury, Manning has been working out at Duke with David Cutcliffe, the head football coach there, and Manning’s quarterback coach during his college days at Tennessee. He brought along Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas, because he needs someone to throw passes to, and because I guess that whole chemistry building thing with the new guy is nice too. Brother Eli was also present, along with Hakeem Nicks, Louis Murphy, and Victor Cruz.

Good times were had by all, especially when Manning left this perfectly crafted fake invoice for Decker…

decker invoice

Damn, that Duke coaching staff is raking it in. And those laundry fees? Whammy.

Thanks, Predominately Orange