Remember those cheery times Monday morning when I told you that right now even in April, Rob Gronkowski comes with at least slight fantasy risk? No, you probably tried to block that from you memory entirely.

Well, maybe you should continue with that now, because there’s hope Gronk will be just fine.

The league’s leading bro has been fighting an infection found in his surgically-repaired left forearm. For good measure he’s injured the forearm twice, and he’s therefore had two surgeries. With Rob Gronkowski, good things always come in twos.

There’s fear that this infection could eventually result in missed regular-season time. That could still happen, but for now, sweet and beautiful optimism is in the air.

As Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reported, a wait and see approach will be pursued, with antibiotics hopefully curing what ails The Gronk.

According to one source familiar with the proceedings, the decision for now is to have the Patriots tight end delay the surgery for several more weeks to be sure the infection has completely cleared out, and continue with the course of antibiotics.

”Gonna hold off for a few weeks to make sure infection gone before going back in,” a source close to the situation said.

Gronkowski, agent Drew Rosenhaus, team officials, both team physicians and outside consultants conferred on what the next step would be, and arrived at staying the course with antibiotics a little while longer.

More knives entering Gronkowski’s body will happen regardless, because doctors need to put in a new plate to hold the bone together. There will always be fantasy concern surrounding the best tight end in fake footballing, because where I come from, needing a new metal plate in your arm to replace the old metal plate is bad (#analysis).

But for this specific upcoming season of professional football play, he’ll be fine as long as that infection clears in a timely fashion. The recovery from the plate-replacement surgery is expected to take 10 weeks, which has him healthy by the end of June if he were to have the procedure today. Of course, that’s not happening, because Gronkowski’s meds need time to fight evil.

If they lose that war against their great enemy, then the start of 2013 remains in jeopardy.